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Teenage years are a challenging time for young people. 1 in 10 young people are disengaged with school, 1 in 4 are unhappy with their lives, 3 in 5 experience bullying, they’re the least likely age group to ask for help and suicide is the leading cause of death.

Founded in 2008, Raise is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help young people build resilience and hope.

They do one thing and they do it really well – youth mentoring.

At Raise, they know that one-to-one support from a mentor during the teenage years can change the course of a young person’s life, helping to build resilience and to cope better with life challenges.

Delivering mentoring programs in high schools across Australia, Raise recruits, trains and screens volunteers to become youth mentors before matching them with students who would benefit most from having a caring, independent adult to talk to - someone who shows up every week, just for them.

The positive impact of Raise mentoring is felt community wide, and they know how successful it is, because they evaluate and report on their programs.

The young people who graduate experience growth in resilience, asking for help, sense of school belonging and hope for the future – to mention a few.

Mentors also find they discover new things and learn skills that positively impact their everyday life, at home and at work. The schools win too, seeing improvements beyond the students who participate, with benefits reaching into the classroom, the school wellbeing team and the wider school community.

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Raise is looking to expand in 2022 to train 2500 mentors and to impact on 2500 Young People. We are also looking at working in more High schools in the Canberra region and this funding will go towards supporting that growth. We want to prioritize schools with the greatest need according to the (ICSEA) measurement.

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