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Directions Health Services is one of the Canberra region's most experienced community organisations delivering treatment and support for people impacted by alcohol and other drug use, including family members and friends, and free health care for vulnerable Canberrans who have difficulty accessing health services. We apply a holistic approach to our services and can tailor programs to suit the needs of each client. Directions' services are judgement-free and open to any person who seeks our support, including those who continue to use substances. Our focus is on reducing substance-related harm and improving personal and public health.

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Funds raised for Directions Health will directly assist our GPs and nurses who operate PAT (our mobile health clinic) provide valuable health care services to Canberrans most in need, including Canberra's local homeless and transient communities.

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Liz Howarth

Very pleased to support Directions ACT I’m the amazing work they do with people in need on their path to recovery!


Tim Courtney


Susan Helyar

So keen to contribute to the great work of Directions


Robyn Hendry

Thanks for doing a great job


Robyn Pender

Congratulations on all the great work you are doing to support the Canberra community impacted by addiction.


Deborah Rollings




Bree Wyeth


Pat Mckenna


Peter Campos

Keep up the good work




Vanessa Ericson


Steven Kargas


Directions Staff Social Club


Bronwyn Hendry

It is a privilege to support the amazing nurses, doctors and counsellors and other frontline workers who provide these services


Tina Mcghie


Peter Norton


Ingrid Miralpeix


Diane Bray