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We have joined the 2023 Canberra Day Appeal to raise much needed funds for our charity!

This year, the Canberra Day Appeal’s 48-hour Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day begins on Wednesday, March 8. So please, give where you live and donate here during the 48h Giving Day donation drive.

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About Us

Caring is not something anyone plans to do. It’s unexpected and can be hard.

Carers ACT is a non-profit charitable organisation that supports, empowers and connects unpaid family and friend carers in the ACT and surrounding regions. A carer is a family member, friend or neighbour who provides personal care, support and assistance to someone who has a disability, a medical condition (including a terminal or chronic illness), a mental illness or is frail and aged. A carer’s role can include help with daily living activities such as housework, transport, health care, shopping and meals, reading and writing, emotional and mental support and personal care.

Through community influence, providing carer-centred services, as well as offering support services to the people they care for, we work to support individual carers and to make Canberra a more carer-friendly community. 

How your donation will help

Caring is a role that 1 in 8 Canberrians performs and is often invisible and misunderstood. Each caring journey is unique, and we aim to tailor our support to each individual. Your donation will help us meet urgent needs and bridge gaps not covered by existing services.

Your donation can help a carer:

  • Attend a social function or event when finances of social isolation usually prevent them.
  • Access education or career support when their education or professional opportunities have been impacted by a caring role.
  • Meet urgent care needs where we can't access support through existing programs
  • Take a vital break from full time caring and engage in wellbeing activities

Caring for a family member or friend is a common part of life, and is a role most of us will be called on to undertake at some stage. Supporting carers creates a stronger, more resilient community and provides us all with the support we need to balance caring and other life priorities.

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