Leukaemia Foundation

The Leukaemia Foundation stands with Australia to help cure and conquer every blood cancer and related blood disorder. 110,000 Australians currently live with blood cancer and this expected to soar to 275,000 by 2035.

Blood cancer is one of the most common, costly and fatal cancers in Australia. There are no screening programs available for blood cancers, and there is no way to prevent blood cancer through lifestyle changes.

The Leukaemia Foundation’s Access strategy will help unite the blood cancer community in pursuit of a shared goal: zero lives lost to blood cancer by 2035.
Together we’re attacking every blood cancer, from every direction, in every way we can.

Informed by the evidence-based State of the Nation: Blood Cancer in Australia report, we’re concentrating our time, talents and resources in three critical areas. We want to make sure every Australian with blood cancer gets access to:
• Information: trusted information and education to empower informed choices
• Treatment: best-practice treatment and the latest trials, tests and diagnostic tools
• Care: essential supportive care to improve quality of life.

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Be part of the 2nd annual Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day and help us turn this into an annual giving tradition for every Canberran!

March 9th, the day after Canberra Day, will be a historic day for everyone in our community to GIVE BIG - join in on the fun(draising) and support us through the Hands up for Canberra Giving Day! Plus, every $1 you donate will become $2 with our generous matched funding matching dollar-for-dollar until we reach $10,000.

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