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Early Morning Centre


The Early Morning Centre (EMC) is a safe, respectful and welcoming space for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness. EMC provides a large range of services; breakfast, lunch, cuppas, phone, computers, showers, laundry, mail service, lockers, emergency food parcels, medical, dental, pet clinic, referral, information and support that meet individual needs. The EMC partners with community and government services that visit the Centre providing on site information and support. These include Centrelink, accommodation services, Alcohol and other Drug services, legal support and information services being just some of the wide range on offer. A range of fun and social activities are held at the Centre that aim to reduce social isolation and provide a sense of connection and self worth. These activities range from current affairs discussion group, computer classes, art and craft, choir and library to name just a few. We work towards providing a fuller life for our service users through providing connection and support focusing on individual needs. The EMC values positive connections, dignity, respect and a fulfilling life for our guests, staff and volunteers.

On March 9, join us in raising our hands for Canberra!

Be part of the 2nd annual Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day and help us turn this into an annual giving tradition for every Canberran!

March 9th, the day after Canberra Day, will be a historic day for everyone in our community to GIVE BIG - join in on the fun(draising) and support us through the Hands up for Canberra Giving Day! Plus, every $1 you donate will become $2 with our generous matched funding matching dollar-for-dollar until we reach $10,000.

We'll have just 48 hours to raise $10,000! Come on Canberra, together we can do this!


The Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day is proudly supported by:

A big thank you to our Supporters

The real heroes who are kindly helping us achieve our goal


Rinda Scott

Supporting the good work of the EMC


Trish Brown




Anne Buttsworth

I am so proud to live in such a caring community where we have organisations like the Early Morning Centre taking care of some of Canberra’s most vulnerable people, as well as having Hand Across Canberra supporting amazing charities to ensure all of Canberra is cared for.


Meredith Hinchliffe


Lachlan Blain




Aldo Bongiorno


Anne Kidd




Sarah Kentwell

Looking forward to getting our Golden Tickets for the EMC Non-Event! Such a great cause!


John Mcdonald



Great idea for a great cause!


Jennifer Rowland

I'll be sharing this non-event with my daughter who is being married in March and her new husband.


Don Rowland


Margaret Watt

Happy to buy tickets to do nothing!


Christine Goode



Ticket for non-event

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