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Advocacy for Inclusion

Advocacy for Inclusion (AFI) is an independent advocacy organisation located in the heart of Civic. We work to ensure the rights of people with disability. We are a disabled peoples' organisation. That means half our Board of Management and our members identify as having a disability.  

Advocacy for Inclusion works within a human rights framework and acknowledges the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and is signed onto the ACT Human Rights Act 2004.

Our services

Disability Advocacy  

A person can contact an advocacy organisation when they are having difficulty negotiating a process or if they feel they might benefit from having support in meetings or appointments.  

Advocates act under the instruction of the client. People might ask for the support of an advocate when: 

  • They feel overwhelmed in dealing with government departments or agencies. 
  • They are faced with paperwork, meetings, or processes that they find difficult to understand. 
  • Advocates can go with clients to meetings, explain what is going on, and ensure that the client's voice and point of view are being heard. 

Systemic Advocacy  

Disability advocacy organisation often provides a service that is focused on the big picture. Large organisation's and government departments sometimes work in ways that disadvantage people with disabilities.  

Disability advocacy organisation's keep an eye on these big systems issues – the ones affecting a lot of people – and they feedback observations and suggestions to the government. This work is called systemic advocacy.  

AFI writes on both local and national systemic issues in the form of submissions, reports and position papers on issues affecting people with disability.  

We also provide expert policy advice on issues affecting people with disabilities by being on panels and advisory groups. 

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