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Riding for the Disabled of the ACT (Pegasus) exists to provide therapeutic horse-facilitated programs and activities aimed at developing abilities and enriching the lives of those living with a disability.

An iconic charitable organisation founded in 1973, Pegasus operates on 100 acres at Holt, on Canberra's fringe, and proudly serves the ACT and local NSW region.

Pegasus empowers people to develop their abilities in a kind, caring and supportive environment through horse facilitated activities. Our highly trained coaches ensure quality programs for all ages and abilities, including both riding programs and our recently updated Horseability program for people who cannot take part in riding sessions. All of these programs have a true positive impact for the participants physically, mentally and socially.

How we will use the funds

Funds raised will go directly to supporting our programs for those living with disability, this includes equipment and games used in the arenas, maintenance, and replacement of riding equipment such as saddles, reins and stirrups, and safety equipment including helmets.

Funding is also valuable towards ongoing training for our coaches and trainee coaches to ensure they are up to date with all the latest industry standards and new training techniques. Training is an ongoing process which requires regular visits from assessors who travel from interstate or sending our team to interstate workshops.

All of this helps ensure our participants are receiving the best service possible, while participating in a safe and welcoming environment.

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