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We have joined the 2023 Canberra Day Appeal to raise much needed funds for our charity!

This year, the Canberra Day Appeal’s 48-hour Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day begins on Wednesday, March 8. So please, give where you live and donate here during the 48h Giving Day donation drive.

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About Us

Adamas Nexus is a post-crisis non-professional support group for women survivors of domestic, family, and sexual abuse. It is predicated on the belief that these survivors have unlimited capability and possibilities, and the group provides a safe and confidential environment for community, connection, and corroboration. These help them improve their quality of life and to magnify their potential.  Survivors should not just survive but be given all the opportunities and support to thrive. The support group philosophy is a 'growth' philosophy. 

The provision to women of a safe and confidential environment where they can be supported and support others, increases their ability to be fully functioning within the community, and potentially stops them cycling back into crisis. By stopping this return to the violent situation, the group is also easing the pressure on the 'in-crisis' services so they can help more women. Research has shown that shared lived experiences are a powerful enabler to drive positive change, empathy, growth and recovery. Our current attendees attest to how much the Adamas Nexus meetings assist them. We want to help more women.

How your donation will help

We want to help more women to successfully live their lives after domestic, family, and sexual violence. They need to know we exist. This funding will increase the group's profile and presence, and therefore reach and engage with more women survivors so we can help them.

Funding from the Canberra Day Appeal would go directly to the hiring of a Virtual Administrative Assistant. In order to raise the group's profile, we need to be regularly and consistently on social media, in the media, talking on podcasts etc, so that more women know that we are here and that we can help them.

The assistant would take on these duties as the Directors all work in full time employment and are needing help in this area. There will be a marketing and media plan in place for the assistant to use for their work. Scheduling of social media posts, finding and securing guest spots on relevant podcasts, scheduling meetings with other sector organisations, setup of twice monthly meetings (RSVP invitations, tracking, Zoom details, etc). All of these take significant time and that is the biggest challenge facing the directors operating the Charity.

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Maryanne Gore

I'd love for you to have a Virtual Administrative Assistant - let me know if you get one so that I can get one too!




Julie & Paul

It is wonderful and important work that you do


Jo Robbo ?

Dear wonderful people of Adamas Nexus....keep it up, you are making a difference