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Canberra you asked and we listened! We will continue to accept donations until March 14

$15,522 raised

$1,000,000 Goal

$15,522 raised

$1,000,000 Goal

There are so many worthy charities, it can be tough deciding who to donate to. Through the Canberra Day Appeal, you have the ability to choose one of many that speaks to your heart. Donate now as every $1 donated will become $2 for the first $5,000 raised for charities with matched funding.

With your support, on 8 March 2023, the 48-hour Canberra Day Appeal - Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day will see many of our local charities and organisations access much-needed funds for the essential work they do for Canberrans, such as:


Women over 50 are the fastest-growing group of Canberrans dealing with homelessness


38% of Canberrans living in poverty are in households where they have paid employment


From 2018-2021; self-harm rose from 17 to 21 per 100,000 youth, the highest in the country


Rental stress among low-income private rental households is at 73%, the highest in the country

Statistics from Hands Across Canbera's Canberra Vital Signs 2021.
Read the full report here.

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Can help nourish a family facing hardship with a week of fresh groceries
Can provide 10 emergency care packs to Canberran households
Can help a parent to set up a new home after leaving violence
Can help a mum get their family safely to school with prams and car seats

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The unpredictability of the past few years has left more Canberran individuals and families in a vulnerable state, with many of their daily needs at risk.

Our goal is to ensure that local issues remain addressed - supported by the charities and organisations caring for those who need it most; this is why the Canberra Day Appeal is so important.

By donating during the Canberra Day Appeal - Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day, you will support your local charities and community organisations through Hands Across Canberra (HAC). HAC is Canberra’s independent community foundation and creates pathways and connections, joining those who have funds and time to donate with those who need assistance.

With your support, HAC can continue to provide essential support to our community.

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Register with VolunteeringACT to stay up to date with local volunteering opportunities. If you would like to volunteer for the Appeal, please contact Hands Across Canberra.

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Browse through GIVIT’s list of items needed by the community – you might just know where to get the items they have listed or have some hanging around in your storage, like a laptop or a fridge.

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By supporting Hands Across Canberra through the Canberra Day Appeal - Hands Up for Canberra Giving Day, you will be supporting our local charities and community organisations, helping them support our most vulnerable people.   

As Canberra’s community foundation, Hands Across Canberra is connecting those with funds and time to give, to those who need help and support.




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